Children’s Dawn Blessing歌词

Artist Note: I first wrote this prayer in English. Then it was translated to Lakota.
With translation to a metaphoric language, some of the English wording gets altered in the translation.
Knowing this, I then asked for the prayer to be translated back to English from Lakota.
The result was the words used for this prayer.
On the recording the Lakota is spoken first, then the English,
but for our purposes here I will list the English translation first.
Grandfather, give blessing to all children who live upon earth and also give blessing to the seven generations that are coming.
Give a clear mind and will to the children who walk toward the future, so that they understand and know peace all over the universe.
Let them have generous affection and well-being, so that all that grows and live

Children’s Dawn BlessingLRC歌词

[ti:Something Big]
[ar:John Waller]
[al:The Blessing]
[by: ]
[00:10.37]LRC Produced By Prince William
[00:05.37]Album:The Blessing
[04:23.20][00:00.37]John Waller-Something Big
[00:21.08]I wanna see something I've not seen
[00:30.24]Something so big
[00:33.39]I wanna be a part of something great
[00:43.31]Greater than me
[00:47.60]It's time to dream big dreams
[00:54.84]To see Your vision
[00:57.83]Become reality
[01:01.26]‘Cause it’s for You,
[01:03.07]by You, those who
[01:07.27]Love You wanna do
[02:31.16][01:09.11][03:39.85]Something so big
[03:42.83][02:34.20][01:11.92]It’s destined to fail without You, Lord
[03:48.99][02:38.71][01:16.78]It’s gonna fail without You, Lord
[03:52.95][02:44.08][01:21.49]Something so great
[03:56.35][02:47.76][01:25.82]It takes a miracle to do
[04:01.82][02:53.09][01:30.50]We, Your children
[04:04.53][02:56.07][01:33.57]Wanna do something big for You
[01:43.15]We, yes, we are gonna
[01:48.20]sing a brand new song
[01:52.37]Something so strong
[01:55.52]We will be the sound
[02:02.41]that wakes the dawn
[02:04.81]Something so loud
[02:11.15]It’s time for breaking through
[02:16.75]‘Cause there are no limits
[02:20.09]For he who holds the truth
[02:23.66]When it’s for You,
[02:25.62]and by You, and those who
[02:28.83]Love You wanna do
[02:59.01]Something bigger, something greater
[03:04.96]For the glory of Your splendor
[03:12.03]Something bigger, something greater
[03:18.65]Tell the story of Your wondrous love
[03:31.33]Your wondrous love
[03:35.20]Those who love You wanna do
[04:12.61]As long as we live,
[04:14.66]let us do something so big for You

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